Pure, Nourishing

All Natural Skincare

Gently clean and exfoliate your skin.

Softens and Strengthens

Beard Oil

Get rid of beard itch.

Sooth and Hydrate

Goat Milk Bath

Treat yourself to relaxing and rejuvenating milk bath.

Know your farmer

Honey Down Farm is a small farm located in Richfied, WI. We are dedicated to raising Nigerian Goats for show and milk production, show quality poultry, and happy honey bees. We started our soap shop to share our abundance of farm fresh natural ingredients. Our products focus on simple ingredients that nourish your body, mind, and spirit.


  • simple

    Our products include ingredients you can pronounce.

  • unique

    We make products in small batches allowing us to control what goes into batch.

  • happy

    Our farm focuses on raising healthy animals that bless us with nourishing farm goods.

  • less

    Our packaging is recycled, recyclable, reusable or compostable materials.

Holiday Shopping

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It's nearly Christmas. If you're leaving out milk and cookies--- consider leaving out goat milk soap and cookies. The big guy is a big fan of our bar soap.

New sales and discounts are added all the time.

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I bought the fragrance free goat lotion when they were in Milwaukee at a vendors fair and love the simplicity of the products! I ordered again online after I ran out and got a free sticker and a free little bar of goat milk soap with my order! Keep going! I love it ❤️ 🐐

Ghaliya H.

I bought bath truffles and they were amazing! They smelled amazing and made my skin super soft. They can be used multiple times which I love because I love to take baths. Will definitely buy more!

Kelly R

LOVE Honey Down products! Smells good, made local, feels good!

Lauren W

Received a gift basket of products and they are incredible. The scents and textures are comforting and soft. The Itch Stick really works!

Shannon S

Honey Down Farms has won me over!! Their soap is . Leaves my skin moisturized, enough lather that I can shave with it. Stopped at their booth this morning at the farmers market and they’re so friendly, gave us the best tip for their shower steamers, instead of tossing it in the shower- put it in a little mesh bag and it will last 3-4 showers!

Erin T

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