Welcome to Honey Down Farm! We’re an enthusiastic, family-run farmstead located in a rural area. We moved to our home eight years ago with the goal of having ducks. We’ve been hard at work ever since, learning the ins and outs of ducks and expanding our farmstead to include turkeys, chickens, goats, and bees.

We’re proud to offer our customers the best goat milk soap and all natural skincare products. And all of our soaps are packaged in compostable biofilm.

We’re excited to offer our customers these products and would love for you to join us on our journey of bringing the best natural skincare products to your doorstep. Visit us today and experience the delight of Honey Down Farm!

Nigerian Dwarf goat standing in front of fence

Our Herd

Our small herd of goats provide us with quality goat milk which we use to make our small batch cold process soap. The nutrient dense bars provide a gentle cleanser and natural exfoliate. 

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Our Hives

Our happy honey bees help to pollinate our garden and also share their golden raw honey. We use this honey to make our lotions and salves, creating products that are truly natural and good for your skin. 

Beeswax Skincare Products

Our Family

This would not be possible with out our entire family. What started out as ducks as grown to an amazing family farm. Each of us plays a role from milking to farmers market setup. We love to share the good, bad and crazy with you. Thanks for supporting our farm and following along on the journey.

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